Prairie Creek Ridge subdivision is a great community to settle into. With only the 1st stage of development wrapping up there are many young families and empty nesters out and about walking the block. Prairie Creek Ridge is surrounded by many large lakes, downtown Oconomowoc has many vibrant shops and activities going on, and always a group of people eager to say hello to you.

Downtown Oconomowoc


The Heart of Lake Country

Downtown Oconomowoc is the historic center and heart of the community, where all facets of community life come together: retail, services, government, neighborhoods, employment, and recreation.

More than any other part of the city, the downtown defines Oconomowoc as a community. The city has made it a priority to strengthen the downtown by capitalizing on its unique assets - its natural beauty, cultural heritage, friendly and inviting businesses, and secure position as the heart of Lake Country. The downtown has become a destination for those seeking a vibrant place to live, work, shop, learn and play.


City of Oconomowoc

City of Oconomowoc

Nestled in the heart of lake country, Oconomowoc has natural beauty that shines year round. The list of outdoor activities is restrained only by time and energy. The cluster of unique shopping experiences which Oconomowoc has is truly world class. Sights, sounds, and aromas from around the world will delight your senses. The thorough enjoyment of browsing our downtown is perfectly complimented by the quality and variety of eating experiences available. A stroll along the tree-lined streets of Oconomowoc seems like a trip back to the turn of the century. Many old, restored mansions and houses of a time past dot the city and add to that special quality of life that Oconomowoc enjoys. You'll pass our beautiful band shell on the lake, the Fieldstone train depot, and the recently restored City Hall on your way to our rustic boardwalk and gazebo - and all within blocks of each other!


Oconomowoc Schools


The OASD offers rigorous curriculum, award-winning programs, nationally certified staff, and opportunities for all students to reach their highest potential. Our caring, dedicated teachers and highly trained staff are committed to providing all children with the high quality, engaging and personalized learning experiences needed to succeed in a changing global work environment. All students have opportunities to participate in a wide variety of extracurricular, club, athletic, and service learning opportunities. We encourage community participation in our schools and events. Across all grade levels and departments, we are committed to continuous improvement, grounded in our strategic plan and guided by our vision.